Semester Tuition

Semester tuition is based on a nine-month calendar year and divided equally between two semesters.  Tuition is due at the beginning of each semester and must be paid before the student takes class. You may pay each semester’s tuition in full or in two installments.

FIRST SEMESTER: September 3-December 20 

 SECOND SEMESTER: January 7- May 30

1 lesson per week $300 per semester
2 lessons per week $500 per semester
3 lessons per week $600 per semester
4 lessons per week $650 per semester
5 lessons per week $700 per semester
Recital fee $150 Due December 1st


Please mail your check to Gayle Corkery School of Ballet, 4200 Country Day Lane, Fort Worth, TX, 76109. Registrations and fees placed in an envelope may also be taken to the FWCD mail room next to the Campus Store and placed in the box marked “Dance” or dropped of in the Gayle Corkery School of Ballet box in the large studio.